I AM BUT ME • 2021

DIRECTOR: Fábio Zanoni




SYNOPSIS: Junior and Nobre are two young men who start working as painters in the home of a wealthy family as a means of improving their financial lives after Junior suffers a kidnapping. The family's relationship with the two is becoming closer, but also full of mysteries.


• Best Feature Film


UBEUR • 2020

DIRECTOR: El Haddaoui Driss




SYNOPSIS: In 2011, the appearance of UBER and its ride-hailing app created new jobs in France, in particular for young people living in the projects. But they soon became disillusioned.

First, there was a drop in the fare prices and a "Uberisation" of this branch of industry, which forced drivers to work harder and harder to manage to pay their bills. Add to that recurrent police checks, clients demanding a luxury service in spite of low fares, and taxi drivers struggling against the development of such companies.

Many UBER drivers became collateral damages of this explosive situation. Karim is one of them. He is a 37-year-old driver who borrowed €25,000 to an unscrupulous man in order to buy a black sedan. Now the time has come for him to pay off his debt, as his creditor is putting pressure on him to get his money back. Karim doesn't have it all and he only has one week to settle his debt


• Best Feature Film