Born in Reinosa (Cantabria) in 1978, Richard participated in various advertising productions (Chrysler, Chevrolet, Dodge, Peugeot, Siemens, Día, Carrefour, Deutsche Bank, Disney, Formula 1). In 2009, he joined SEVEN PIX NEWS, a news agency, performing the function of coordinator of its television department for channels such as A3, Telecinco and TVE. In November 2010, he work for the Associated Press to carry out reports by foreign correspondents in Spain (Alhurra Tv, Globo Tv, CCCTV, CNN, etc.) highlighting the reports made in Melilla and Morocco on drug trafficking, immigration and the Islamic conflict. In 2013 he began his own projects together with Magda Calabrese as Repormadrid Tv, a leisure and culture channel in Madrid and since September 2014 with his production company, Objetivo Family Films, has focused on directing and producing films. In 2018 he entered the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain and in 2021 he has joined the advisory board of the Pedro Zerolo Cinematheque.


Born in Mexico, Mazdey studied Graphic Design at the University of Guadalajara, although she has always had an interest in cinema and filmmaking. Through fashion film, she has explored audiovisual language creating stories that reflect her own worldview. Mazdey is also the founder of Snob Solutions, an independent audiovisual production company that focuses on fashion, art, music and lifestyle projects. With more than seven years of experience in video production for artists, designers and fashion brands, she has been hired by various universities and platforms to speak about fashion film as a genre through her experience as a director and this year she was invited as a curator. specialized for the GRRL HAUS CINEMA festival in Berlin.


Lucas Fiederling aka 'Feedz' grew up in a small town in Germany near Düsseldorf. He's started getting into filmmaking at the young age of 6, when his dad bought a little camcorder with hi-8 tapes. Soon enough skateboarding entered Lucas life and captivated him, which was probably his biggest film- school: travelling the world and becoming a swiss-army-knife kind of filmmaker. He moved to Barcelona and followed his dreams - mostly directing, editing and filming skateboard videos for clients like Vans, Thrasher Magazine, Nike, Alien Workshop or Adidas. 

in 2015 he released his 'masterpiece' independent film Where We Come From' for which he spent 5 years traveling to over 20+ countries and starring 8 of the worlds most talented skateboarders. He relocated to Berlin in the making of the film in 2013, and after the global premiere tour he started 'Peregrine Films GmbH'.

In 2021 Lucas won numerous awards around the globe for his ambitious science fiction music video 'Remnants of Technology' for German band Space Chaser including a nomination for Best Rock music video at the UK VMA and Best music short film at Munich MVAwards.
His personal expertise in almost all departments on set helps him to better and faster communicate his vision with his team, and also he loves operating the camera when he works, or at least be very close to it when directing his talents.


Gastón Marin studied film directing at the CIEVYC school in the City of Buenos Aires, complementing his studies at the SICA Professional Training Center. During the last decade, his professional work alternated between producing content for television and directing photography for film and advertising. He is currently co-director at LOBO, a production company that he founded in 2015 with Eliana Agüero. Among his film works we can highlight the film “Making Of Sangriento” (2012) and “Jorge and Alberto” (2014) by the Quintana brothers, both selected by the Mar del Plata International Festival. The television documentary series “Equilibrios” (2016) and as a cameraman in the documentary “El Sistema Gorevisión” (2015) and the TV series “Mujeres de Lesa Humanidad” (2016), both by Valentín Javier Diment. “LCDB El Documental” is his first film as a director.


Karla Riebartsch was born in 1998 in Hamburg. Following a drawing course at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, she has been studying Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg since 2019. 

Born in 1994 near Stuttgart, Germany, Lion Durst makes his first steps in filmmaking during a 3 year apprenticeship as an Audiovisual Media Designer. After working as a freelance Camera- Assistant and at a Camera Rental he starts to study Screenwriting at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in 2019.


Greta Rixdorf is a Spanish actress based in Berlin. Greta herself worked during her first years as an actress in a multitude of theatrical compositions directed by, among others, Josep Sou. She has performed great classics such as La casa de Bernarda Alba by Federico García Lorca in the role of Bernarda. After moving to the German capital, Greta started several collaborations in advertising campaigns videos. Those who have worked with her, highlight her great interpretative versatility and her commitment to the roles that she defends for her.


Actress born in Madrid, she has worked in some TV productions such as 'I'm alive', 'YRREAL', 'El continental' and 'El pueblo'. In theater, her last work as an actress has been the tour of the play 'My world is another' by Javi Muga. Likewise, she directs the play 'Slitz Bai' in the Azarte room and is an assistant director in the play 'Sex Toy' by Towanda Rebels. In cinema and small-format cinema, his work stands out in the film 'Los Rodríguez y el más allá' by Paco Arango and some short films with international selections and awards such as 'Dios te salve, María' by Juno Media and 'ANNA' by Laura Mato and “Spiritus Dei” by Africa Muñoz. She combines her work as an actress, as an interpretation teacher teaching pre-professional adolescents at the ONSET school and senior citizens in the Coslada district. Since 2016 she has participated as an assistant director together with Almudena Santos in the inclusive theater company for people with functional diversity 'La Tramoya'.