DIRECTOR: Fermín Aio




SYNOPSIS: Mahmud took three years to cross Africa on a journey full of dangers. Marta escaped by miracle of the sicarios from a hydroelectric who built a dam flooding her land. Antonio took his camera to report the drama of the southern border. Iñigo decided to go to save people drowning in the Mediterranean because "if the states that should do it they do not do it, we must do it." Begoña was arrested for hiding a group of migrants in her truck because "this situation is so unfair that we just have to disobey." Clementine fled her country after they murdered her husband, "we have to continue denouncing the interests that the wars cause". Yahia has lost most of her family in the war "what happened in Syria could happen to anyone." Because "weapons, wars and border security are all the same business" (Koldobi), this documentary tries to put into perspective, from the lives of its protagonists, the profound causes and consequences of emigration and refugee people. Walking through these stories will make us reflect on our own responsibility in the great tragedy of our century.


• Best Featurette