H0US3 • 2018

DIRECTOR: Manolo Munguia



SYNOPSIS: Nine promising catalan actors lead this original story mixing new technologies and science-fiction, in which a group of former computer University colleagues and their partners meet for dinner after several years.
During supper, one of them confesses to have decrypted one of the most secret files in the Internet and shares with them an augmented reality application found within. When they all try to alter it, they will unleash conflicts and events with unexpected consequences which will be getting worse by moments.

​​​​​​​• Best Feature Film



DIRECTOR: Francisco Martín

COUNTRY: Argentina



SYNOPSIS: "La Estrella" goes through the last days of a mother with her son. A woman who decides to return after many years to the gym where she grew up and accompanied her father in her training, where she will meet Clara, a new boxer promise of the "Temple", the gym that runs Miguel. Clara is willing to take her place in the gym. A life surrounded by contradictions: the hairdresser-boxer, the mother-fighter, the coach-philosopher, among others.



• Best Feature Film

DIRECTOR: Diego Adrián de Llano

COUNTRY: Argentina



SYNOPSIS: Sergio is out of work after the factory where he works is closed. His wife does not know that he is suffering from a serious depression. Sergio hides the situation, which takes him to walk around the city to occupy the hours. Meanwhile he goes to interviews for new jobs without success. There is a possibility, but little by little this new work will lead him to think what he is willing to do to survive.



• Best Feature Film

• Best Actor:

  Fabio Herrera

MARGIN • 2018